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This itinerary has been designed for you to explore the Tribal life in the state of Odisha (Orissa) and world famious caves of Ajanta and Ellora. Set up your journey at Delhi, the capital of India. Later visit the most fascinating cities and UNESCO world heritage sites on this trip. Such as the temple city of Bhubaneshwar, Hampi, Bijapur, Pune and world famous Ajanta and Ellora caves.


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Day 01 Friday: Arrive Delhi

Day 02 Saturday: Delhi - Bhubaneswar (Fly) – Dhauli – Pipli – Konark – Puri

Day 03 Sunday: Puri – Chilka Lake Barkul – Gopalpur

Day 04 Monday: Gopalpur – Taptapani -Rayagada

Day 05 Tuesday: Rayagada – Kothgarh – Rayagada (Must be a Tuesday)

Day 06 Wednesday: Rayagada- Chatikona – Jeypore (Must be a Wednesday)

Day 07 Thursday: Jeypore - Onukudelli – Jeypore (Must be a Thursday)

Day 08 Friday: Jeypore – Kunduli- -Vishakhapatnam (Must be a Friday)

Day 09 Saturday: Vishakhapatnam-Bangalore (Fly)-Hampi

Day 10 Sunday: Hampi

Day 11 Monday: Hampi - Bijapur

Day12 Tuesday: Bijapur –Pune

Day13 Wednesday: Pune – Ahmednagar – Aurangabad

Day 14 Thursday:  Aurangabad – Ajanta – Aurangabad

Day 15 Friday: Aurangabad – Ellora – Aurangabad

Day 16 Saturday: Aurangabad – Mumbai (Fly) Dep


Please note. All the tribe’s markets held on certain days as they are weekly markets (explained in the itinerary) so please plan your programme accordingly otherwise no use to travel on this route.  Also note, this is a very good itinerary for photography.

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