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The Pushkar Camel Fair, one of the biggest camel fairs in the world and one of India's most well-known annual celebrations, annually draws some 300,000 visitors to the Rajasthani countryside near the Thar Desert. It held over the full moon of Karthik month which usually falls in November. Hindu pilgrims in their hundreds of thousands arrive from all over the area to take a redemptive plunge in the holy water, which is thought to purge the soul of all sin at this time. But what truly draws in tourists from abroad is the magnificent spectacle of the livestock market held in conjunction with the religious holiday.

Pushkar attracts tourists, vendors, and purchasers who are looking for a deal, racing tickets, or just to take in the joyful atmosphere. Villagers exchange droves of animals, notably camels, while adorning themselves in the most eye-catching traditional attire and jewellery - a truly magnificent spectacle.

Pushkar fair 2023_Rajasthan

Travel Dates:  4 – 17 November 2023



04 Nov. Day 01     Arrive Delhi

05 Nov. Day 02     In Delhi      

06 Nov. Day 03     Train to Bikaner    

07 Nov. Day 04     Bikaner – Jaisalmer        

08 Nov. Day 05     In Jaisalmer

09 Nov. Day 06     Jaisalmer – Jodhpur – Salawas           

10 Nov. Day 07     Salawas – Ranakpur – Udaipur  

11 Nov. Day 08     In Udaipur             

12 Nov. Day 09     Udaipur – Pushkar          

13 Nov. Day 10     Udaipur – Pushkar

14 Nov. Day 11     Pushkar - Jaipur    

15 Nov. Day 12     EN Jaipur    

16 Nov. Day 13     Jaipur -Fatehpur Sikri - Agra               

17 Nov. Day 14     Agra – Delhi – Final Departure     



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