12 days _Ancient Wonders of Laos

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Explore unforgettable historic highlights in Laos, from the astounding ancient wonders of Plain of Jars and pre-Angkorian temples to modern-day history immortalized at Vieng Xai Caves, combined with Laotian cultural pursuits and a backdrop of outstanding natural beauty.



  • Get a taste of the verdant Bolaven Plateau at its renowned Coffee Plantations
  • Explore mystical “Plain of Jars”, one of Southeast Asia’s most important prehistoric sites
  • Take a guided tour through the immense “Hidden City” inside historic Vieng Xai Caves
  • Journey through islands in the Mekong River’s ‘4,000 Islands' Archipelago
  • Participate in an authentic Baci ceremony, an ancient Lao ritual administered by a village elder


Day 01:   Pakse | Introduction to Southern Laos’ Riverine Life

Day 02:   Pakse – Bolaven Plateau | Coffee Plantations and Dramatic Waterfalls

Day 03:   Pakse – Don Khong | Ancient Khmer Temples and Southeast Asia’s Largest Waterfalls

Day 04:   Don Khone – Vientiane | Explore the Mekong’s ‘4,000 Islands' Archipelago

Day 05:   Vientiane | City Historic Monuments Tour

Day 06:   Vientiane – Xiang Khoang – Phonsavan | Explore a Megalithic Archaeological Landscape

Day 07:   Phonsavan – Sam Neua | Riverside Strolls and Vibrant Local Food Market

Day 08:   Sam Neua | Tour a Historic War-Shelter Cave Complex

Day 09:   Sam Neua | More Archaeological Stone Wonders

Day 10:   Sam Neua – Nong Khiaw – Luang Prabang | Spectacular Mountain Scenes and Baci Ceremony

Day 11:   Luang Prabang | Walking Tour, Blessing Ceremony and Jungle Waterfalls

Day 12:   Luang Prabang | River Cruise to a Sacred Cave-Temple and Departure


NOTE. This tour can be modified as per your requirements.

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